Floor 36, Inc. was founded as a Research & Development laboratory, charged with the task of innovating pragmatic, technological solutions that solve humanities greatest challenges, both present and future.

While our mission is daunting, we believe in the limitless potential of man’s creative, problem-solving ability to see the path ahead, and forge it.

For peace, safety, security, generosity and charity to prevail, prosperity and comfort must be attainable for all. Our mission statement objective is to develop the technologies that meet our C.A.S.A standards – clean, affordable, sustainable and available solutions. These solutions will deliver ubiquitous;

  • power
  • water
  • clothing
  • health
  • food
  • shelter
  • education
  • mechanization

While our objectives seem grandiose, the solutions are practical, we are capable, and we will persist, persevere and deliver.

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